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I don't know how much longer....

May 24th, 2008 at 03:10 pm

... I can put up with this. I hate to sound all dramatic and stuff, but I'm seriously starting to get at the end of my rope about our financial situation. We've been working hard to pay it off, yet we still owe SO MUCH that I just picture myself being 40 and having nothing because I'm still paying off debt, debt, debt. I really hate it and I've become very bitter and cranky about the whole thing. I realize it's all our fault, and although I TRY not to dwell on our STUPID we were, I still do.

I'm sick of having no money for anything and feeling like we have nothing. For example, our foster dog was left alone for 2.5 seconds and managed to tear up some towels that were in the laundry basket that was on the floor. Now we only have TWO bath towels left and no $$$ to go buy new ones. Two towels!! ARGH! My one pair of sunglasses broke. I don't feel like even taking $12 to go buy a new pair because I feel like it's not a necessity, but it's really annoying not to have them.

Our medical costs are through the roof and DH is still undiagnosed even after having a million tests run on him. Really, they have run EVERYTHING. He goes to about 8 doctors' appointments a month, give or take. 8 times $20 = $160 in co-pays, not counting co-pays for medication, but the $160 plus the $450 we pay in health insurnace = $610. PLUS whatever insurance doesn't cover on tests which varies from $25 to $75, depending. Blah.

I'm just losing all motivation because I feel like I've been doing so much to pay off debt and nothing is coming of it. It's really depressing to feel like we're never going to get out of this and I'm sick of it.

Just an update...

May 3rd, 2008 at 03:35 pm

So we've been still plugging away, slowly, might I add. This is going to be a really rough month as it was slow at work.

I have to go food shopping today....uuuugggghhhh. I hate food shopping as it is, and now with what seems like everything skyrocketing, I hate it even more. Especially on a Saturday when it's busy... oh well, guess we need food.

I got a card from BJ's, a free membership trial for 60 days. I think I might head over there today because I want to check it out.. I know buying at those places can be a total ripoff and you can spend way more than you mean to, but there's some stuff it would be nice to have in bulk so I don't have to keep buying them all the time, especially since we eat the same meals like every week. So I'm going to go there with a limited amount of $$$ to see what they have.

So we haven't totally paid anything off lately, but I've noticed balances are getting smaller : ) Can't wait to pay stuff off though!! Hopefully when the stimulus check gets deposited we can pay some stuff off. My plan is to put it towards all the "little" irritating bills that I hate paying every month... the cards or loans that are now down to like $200 so that they're gone and it's one less thing to worry about paying on time, ya know?

Today is going to be spring clean the icky kitchen day. I am NOT looking forward to it one bit. Not at all. The whole fridge, under everything, clean, sanitize, etc. It should be great when it's done though!

Gotta go to the bank. UGH. I can't figure out how much money to take out of my check this week... I hate sitting down and making a weekly budget, always seems like something extra that's a necessity pops up, and then I always feel like I'm taking out too much for groceries, gas, etc. And I REALLY need new windshield wipers as mine are literally falling apart. *sigh*