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September 29th, 2007 at 12:39 am

I'm getting discouraged. Really, really discouraged.

More hurdles to overcome

September 21st, 2007 at 10:59 pm

As if getting out of debt and budgeting money and trying to get as much bang for my buck, so to speak, isn't enough, there's new hurdles to overcome that seem to be throwing a wrench in my plans.

Food shopping was one thing that was easy to spend as little as possible, being thatI'm all too happy with sandwiches and cereal for dinner and my husband is happy with just about anything. I could spend a few bucks at Aldi's or Save-A-Lot and we'd be good for two or more weeks.

Given the state of my husband's health though, that has changed. He has to eat gluten-free foods, which are disgustingly expensive. A loaf of bread is around 6$, which is a far cry from the dollar I was spending before. We have no choice in the matter though. There's no gluten-free discount area of supermarkets. There's a few things I can still pick up cheap that he can eat, but anything with grains of course is out. Ugh. I have to go food shopping tonight and I'm dreading it, being that last time I went I spent over $100 on his food alone, and that only lasted two weeks. This of course is on top of the cost of putting him on my health insurance plan at work which is costing an extra $450 dollars a month. it's SO STUPID that there's the single plan, which my boss pays 100% of, and then the family plan, which she is paying half and I am footing the rest, with no married couple without kids plan. I think it's stupid that if we had 10 kids, the cost of the health insurance would be the same. Ugh. Of course, he needs the health insurance and the gluten-free food, so there's no choice in the matter.

Good thing I really love him : )

I started saving $$$ in one of those water cooler jugs. Every night, whatever money is in my pocket (paper or coin) I just throw in there without thinking about it. I like that I have not even the foggiest of idea how much is in there. I plan on not touching it for a loooong time. Maybe until it's full!

Although I'm trying to stay positive about everything, I am *dreading* the upcoming winter months. This house is old and needs new windows, insulation, etc, therefore I know the gas bills for the cold winter months are going to be murder. last year they were a little high (we keep the heat pretty low, around 62, being that we both can't stand to be the slightest big hot) and it wasn't a big deal to pay them, but we have so many more expenses and debt to pay than we did last winter. Here's to hoping it all works out! *crosses fingers*

Well, off to go food shopping now. Wish me luck!