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If I have to SEE my debt ALL the time...

February 2nd, 2009 at 05:46 pm

I thought maybe SEEING all my bills in a VERY OBVIOUS spot would help me 1) pay them on time being that I wrote the dates on the outside and 2) be a reminder of what I'm doing, WHY I'm doing it. When I get a bill in the mail, which seems to be ALWAYS, I can tape it up with the rest of the bills and the due date written on it...

So, on a door that goes from the living room to the back of the house, I taped all my bills up there. How depressing. I don't even think these are ALL the bills/statements/late notices, etc Frown

So yeah, here's my door.

8 Responses to “If I have to SEE my debt ALL the time...”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    That's a great idea for those of us who tend to be more visual! It can help point out to others in the household that there are obligations to pay and goal to be reached, too.

    I wish you fewer envelopes in the future!

  2. snoopycool Says:

    I like this idea, too. Here's to fewer envelopes!

  3. nomorecredit Says:

    Thanks! I'm hoping that some of them are gone soon... one is a cc that I owe like $100 on, a few other small ones... sadly there's a LOT of debt hanging on that door, but I'm hoping if I knock out the small ones that it will help! I'll even leave an empty space for them when they're paid off : )

  4. homebody Says:

    LOL! Great idea!

  5. North Georgia Gal Says:

    That is a great idea!!! I think I might borrow it!

  6. dmontngrey Says:

    That's a wonderful idea! Good for you!

  7. gamecock43 Says:

    I love it. i love it i love it.

  8. oceansluver78 Says:

    That's a wonderful idea!....You might be able to find a large corkboard at wal mart....Seeing this idea might make me go buy one

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