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Still plugging away...

October 27th, 2007 at 08:27 am

Well, I'm still fighting the fight. Things have been even more difficult as my husband lost his job about two weeks ago. He's sick on a near-daily basis (not celiac disease, gluten intolerance, food allergies, Chrone's disease or any of the million other "regular" things.. the doctors have ruled so much out that they're starting to get stumped) so I don't even know if it's going to be possible for him to get a job. Maybe something part time, if he can manage it. His health comes first. As long as I can manage to pay the bills and we can get by, I'm not going to beat him up about finding another job, although we need the money and it would be great to have...... hard times, I tell 'ya.

Hard, but not impossible. i've been watching literally every single penny and where it goes. I've stopped buying anything that's not a necessity, pretty much. We've actually SAVED money with him being unemployed, because I'm so nervous about not having money down the road for things, as winter is coming and gas bills will be high.

Oh yeah, we need a new furnace. Actually two, since it's a duplex and both the furnaces are older than me. I don't have the $$$ for it as it was an unexpected thing, but the blower motor broke. We had three different companies come out and say we need a new furnace, that even with fixing the blower motor that it won't last throug the winter, which is NOT good in this part of NY. They are running a 6 months no payments, no interest. I really don't want to do it (if I'd even get approved) beacuse I know if it's NOT paid off in time they will retroactivly add the interest, and who knows what's going to happen in th next six months. Then again, with a new furnace we might save so much on heating bills that it would be worth it. I could always put my christmas bonus towards the furnace cost and that might almost pay for it. I don't know...

Also, I've been thinking of getting a tax guy. I think we really need help and could probably save a lot of money with a professional helping us and having things work out to our benefit, as we own a duplex and I don't know if things we do to the house for our tenant are tax write offs... plus with the rent money, I know we'll have to pay tax on that, so I'm a little worried. I guess it would be a matter of finding a good tax guy who doesn't mind answering a hundred dumb questions from someone that knows nothing about taxes. I just think if we do it now when we're younger, I'd be glad in the long run that I did it...

Well, gotta go figure some stuff out, pay some bills, keep looking to a better tomorrow... I know deep down inside it's coming.