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Taking a break from feverishly working to update...

December 28th, 2008 at 10:29 am

So Christmas has come and gone... we didn't get gifts for anybody, not even ourselves, and told everyone not to get us anything. But of course people still got us stuff, which is cool : )

I had mentioned that our friends gave is a $100 gift card to Wegmans, the most awesome supermarket ever. My parents did as well, so I had $200 in gifts cards to Wegmans. Although I love food and would love to shop there... I thought perhaps the $200 could go elsewhere and I could do our food shopping at Aldi's or Save-A-Lot like I have been. Even though I could have bought amazing delicious stuff at Wegmans, I instead decided to take those two gifts cards and purchase two Home Depot gift cards from Wegmans as you're allowed to do that. $200 at Home Depot will help fix a LOT of little things around here that need to get done or that I'd like to get done... I do feel sort of bad though as I know they wanted to give us those cards for delicious food, but... like I said, I'd rather shop at the cheaper places and fix this stuff that's driving me bonkers. So now I have $200 to Home Depot. Also someone gave us $150 gift card for Lowe's (Wegmans didn't have any Lowe's gift certificates...) which means I have a glorious $350 to spend on fix-it stuff. Awesomeness.

We also got a gift card to Applebee's and the movie theatre. Our anniversary is tomorrow so we're going to use those then : ) I seriously cannot remember the last time we went out to dinner and/or a movie, but I'm sure it's been YEARS!

We also got two boxes of nice new towels and washcloths. It sounds stupid, but I was soooooo happy for that!!!

Oh yeah, AND a $125 gift card to Game Stop. I LOVE LOVE LOVE video games as does my husband, but it's something that we never spend money on anymore and I don't know the last new game we bought but I'm sure it's been a LONG time. So we're going to go to Game Stop and buy each other "gifts" with the Game Stop money. So although we did no Christmas and have no money for anniversary gifts (or birthday... my birthday is in a few days) it still FEELS like I'm going to be getting all this fun stuff.

My friends and family are awesome.

Enough about Christmas. I hardly had time to enjoy Xmas cheer. If you've read previous entries you know I was FREAKING out about not having any work this month. I got SLAMMED at the end of last week (the week before Xmas) and in order to get paid for it in January I have to have what I need to get done by Monday. So I've been working at the office like crazy, working from home like crazy, and then also working my part-time job as well, AND training our deaf and blind foster dog. So yeah, things have been insane. I didn't realize how tired and haggard I looked until someone showed me a pic they took at Christmas dinner!!! UGH, I look like I haven't slept in MONTHS. Think I might take a nice bubble bath tonight if I get this work done...

I have about 150 pages left to finish. Not bad considering I started with 935 pages that had to be proofread and edited. It's crazy that I'm successfully managing to squeeze 3 weeks' worth of work into one week.

It's amazing to see what you can manage to do when you have no other choice...

4 Responses to “Taking a break from feverishly working to update...”

  1. Ima saver Says:

    Wow, sounds like nice gifts. Hope you get caught up on your work soon!!

  2. HelpMeFind Says:

    Your work sounds interesting.

  3. lizajane Says:

    Your family and friends sound very generous!

  4. Petunia Says:

    I was wondering how you were doing. I'm glad it's better than you expected!

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