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Just some updates.

December 10th, 2008 at 05:37 am

Things are not going well right now, I'm sad to say. We have been deathly slow at work. It's very VERY VERY bad and making me stressed out and insane. I keep trying to distract myself and telling myself hopefully it will get better before January, but at this point I'm just very nervous what my January checks are going to look like.

Tomorrow is our office Christmas party. Ugh! Sorry, I don't like office parties one bit. It's going to be a huge swanky affair at one of the most exclusive places in these parts. Just not my style... I hope I can pop in, make an appearance, then leave.

I did get a bonus check for $650 this month, which is cool. But with work being so slow it means that I'll need it really bad next month!! I think I can feel an ulcer forming when I start to think about how slow work has been *sigh*

No Christmas. Our anniversary (3 years) is between Christmas and New Year's, no anniversary celebration. My birthday is in January, no birthday celebration : (

I'd like to talk about our two most awesome friends. They are just great... I'll have to make a whole separate post later about how wonderful and generous they are.

I should go get ready for work. I hope today is a very long day so I can make some $$$!!

1 Responses to “Just some updates.”

  1. dmontngrey Says:

    Sorry things are so down right now. Hang in there! Smile

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